Dictionary Reverso

New and improved. Now not only a multilingual dictionary but, fully equipped with conjugation, translation, grammar and more. I really like this website because it gives you a lot a sample phrases and sentences when you look up a word.

Deutsch im Blick

An online German textbook. Basically all the vocabulary you need to talk about your life if you are a student. It also has pictures, videos, culture, and grammar exercises. I highly recommend it.

Grimm Grammar

Simple grammar explanations.


My favoritve website to make flashcards. Very simple to use and well designed. You and even pictures if you like.

Enchanted Learning Picture Dictionary

Basic German phrases with pictures. I found it very cute and useful.

Es lohnt sich. -It’s worth it.

Learn German With JC & Kaiser (Guten Morgen Guten Tag) -Cute song that teaches you some German phrases.

German is Hard to Learn

"Deutsche Sprache schwere Sprache" (German language, difficult language) This video is a good laugh for anyone who as ever struggled with the three articles of German der, die, and das. Click on the pic to watch. Here’s a tip learn the article and noun at the same time it will save you from the headache later on. And ignore the fact that it does not make any sense which words are feminine masculine or neuter if you try to make reason of this you will fail. LOL! Viel Glück! Good luck!

Step into German -Learn German with Music

Fun creative website with information about German culture. Music videos with transcripts in German and English.

ZDF | German TV Shows Online